Friday, April 2, 2010

Beautiful Bikes for Wellington

There is change in the air... and it isn't just the onset of Autumn

The cycle culture in Wellington is finally starting to build, highly aided by the influx of Beautiful Bikes for Wellington' second hand mamachari bikes from Japan. The company shows a passion for stylish bikes and a real desire to see more people move into commuter cycling. These unique bikes are reasonably priced and oh so adorable, the city streets of Wellington look better every day.

Fan out on their Facebook Page, lots more pics and discussion.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


What dreams are made of

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Green Genius

Its a planter... it's also a bikelock! When filled with soil / gravel and compost it weighs 75kg and has reinforced bars to chain your bike to, no more ugly bikeracks just clean green beauty. Genius

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Famous People Love Bicycles

OK, Felicity is away in the States taking photos of lots of bikes, including ones which are just like my darling Dita (sans-streamers!) and the boys version even though I'm pretty sure that is a girl riding it:
So I don't think she's going to notice that I am posting about Paris' rental bicycles again... he he he. And look who it is. I'm pretty sure his name is Adrian something and he is on Entourage, which is a pretty sweet series even though TVNZ insist on playing it ridiculously late at night. What's that about?
Jaquie Brown was riding an Electra Bicycle in the pics in Sunday magazine (11/10) it was a pretty hot Electra, but I can't find the pics online anywhere. This means I have to resort to Miley Cyrus (Felicity - you may delete this, I give you my permission) who is riding a pretty hot electra. According to one fan site she actually collects them! Who'd have thought?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Rock the Frock

Do you rock the frock? Do you participate in frock o'clock? Are
you forever sashed with your combination lock? Have you abundant chain lube in stock?

HOW have I left this till now I dont know... NZ beautiful bicyclists intitution Frocks on Bikes rock my world, and plenty of other ladies (& dudes!) too. Their whole philosopy is to make sustainability and cycling sexier, while raising awarness for the need to improve cyclelanes in the city. They are also big supporters of 350 a global movement to solve the climate crisis with many "frockers" turning out for the 350 ride this past Saturday. This is all brilliant news of-course but what makes me love this group soo much is the outfits... no lycra needed for these ladies to hit the streets, always looking eternally stylish and paving the way for more of our sisters to jump on two wheels and join the movement. There are lots of events coming up in the springtime - including the much anticipated Frocktober so stay tuned... x

Thursday, August 20, 2009

If I lived in a perfect world

This is what it would look like:

Monday, August 17, 2009

Wellington cyclists unite!

A big event is coming up this Saturday in Wellington City. Hop on your bicycle, or borrow a bicycle, grab your friends and come support cycling as a low-carbon, active and healthy form of transportation and to support safe cycling in the city. This is being organised as a 350 action and for cycle safety awareness.

Saturday, 22 August
Wellington cyclists are gathering for a photo op and a group cycle ride. The aim is to promote cycling as a low-carbon form of transportation and to raise further awareness about the need for safe cycle lanes in the city.

We will start the day at
11.45am in front of St Johns
by the waterfront (5 Cable St, near Mac's Brewery) where we will form a huge 350 human/cycle sculpture, take a great photo, tell the media what we're doing and why, and then go on a short cycle ride.

♥ to see you there!
The New Bicycle Empire x